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Saroth Nakshabi Project lead

Saroth’s undying enthusiasm for technology encouraged him to delve into the sea of business and gave life to his vision. For him art is using the codes as brushes to paint the masterpiece software that is admirable and functional. Saroth is an absolute example of a hardworking youngster and strikes a balance between dedication and enjoyment.  As a team leader he builds close relationships and proves the saying “Higher the accessibility greater the potential for development”.


Hijaaz Deen Chief Web Engineer

He is a multi talented guy who has contributed his creativity from Visual applications to Software development. He secretly aspires to get a break as a film producer in the industry. He dreams big and jokes big too! Narrating stories and cracking jokes is his identity. His favorite motto “work first’ made Hijaaz’s efforts first among all as his innovative thinking is quiet impressive


Roshan Pietersz Creative Designer

He is the living existence of creativity and efficiency, as he has creativity from his head to feet. His artistic experience and fluency with the design software instantly brings ideas to appear to reality. This design nerd spends his free time making everyone laugh with his weirdly funny accents and expressions that can put a minion to shame.


Aysha Siddika Digital Content Strategist

Aysha is a cool girl who always keeps a smile in her face. She has visited many parallel universes because she is an avid reader. Her aspiration is to learn many languages and travel around the world. She secretly enjoys surfing Pinterest for inspiration and ideas to feed her mind. Drawing and doodling keeps her creative juices fresh and alive.


Minfaz Niyas Developer

Minfaz and energetic nature is what enhances his personality. His mind is a living storage of all the songs because He enjoys correcting everyone’s mistaken lyrics. Minfas always hums a tune even when He’s loaded with work. His born talents of art and creativity make minfaz’s work colorful and inspiring. Apart from Developing, Minfaz likes to paint whether it’s on a canvas or a wall.